Book Review: Practical Vim

I picked up a copy of Drew Neil’s Practical Vim on a lark. With Java being my main programming language for professional use, I spend most of my time coding within an IDE. For over a decade that was Eclipse, and more recently it’s been IntelliJ, but I would definitely not use a plain text editor for non-trivial Java development. I do use vi/Vim when I’m forced to edit something within a shell session. [Read More]

Book Review: An Introduction to Programming in Go

Caleb Doxsey’s An Introduction to Programming in Gois a short and sweet survey of the Go programming language (a.k.a. “Golang”). Clocking in at 165 pages with easy-readable font and margins, the book flies through the same material as other more dense options in the 500-600 page range. On the other hand, Doxsey tries to be all things to all people at times. In addition to covering an entire an entire programming language in about 1⁄4 the length of other books, he is also catering to readers who range from experienced experts to total rookies. [Read More]

Book Review: Professional Node.js

_Professional Node.js_, written by Pedro Teixeira and published by Wrox, is a well-crafted introduction to writing server-side JavaScript with the Node.js platform. The book weighs in at 412 pages, yet for a technical book it is written in a clean, crisp style that feel like reading a book half that length. At the outset, the book wastes a minimum amount of time covering Node installation and JavaScript language basics. Some may disagree with those choices, but an author has to choose some kind of coherent scope. [Read More]