How to Use GitLab and GitHub Together

  The Source Control Hosting Landscape GitHub has been the the most popular site for hosting open source software projects since 2008.  It took the lead when SourceForge was slow to embrace newly-popular git source control system.  GitHub is rivaled by Bitbucket, thriving on an enterprise-friendly pricing model and integration with other Atlassian tools.  However, GitHub’s model of charging … 


Easy Database Manipulation with Groovy and Gradle

Taking a renewed look at Groovy, the under-hyped yet ubiquitous JVM based language, and how it makes database scripting easy.


Understanding the New Cross-Platform .NET, part 4 (demo walkthrough)

Walking through the process of installing the new cross-platform .NET, creating a sample application, and deploying it with all dependencies included.


Understanding the New Cross-Platform .NET, part 3 (Visual Studio)

Breaking down the new generation of development tools under the Visual Studio brand, including support for OS X and Linux.


Understanding the New Cross-Platform .NET, part 2 (ASP.NET)

The open source and cross-platform changes coming to the ASP.NET framework, as explained to an audience of Java developers new to .NET.